"Relax the body; Ease the mind; Soothe the soul"

Stimulate the body's natural capacity for healing through pressure on specific areas of the feet or hands that correspond to the internal organs, glands, or muscles.
30 minutes $50
60 minutes $85

What is the benefit of Reflexology:

Reflexology is the artful application of gentle pressure on reflex points, usually performed on hands, feet and ears; this creates harmony, health and homeostasis in the body. From old and new ancient texts, illustrations and artifacts, we know that early practitioners from China, Japan, India and Egypt worked on the feet to promote good health.

For the healthy individual, reflexology offers:


For the less healthy, reflexology:

The feet are a perfect mini map of the whole body. The entire body is represented; every organ and gland can be activated. Reflexology suggests that energy flows through the body along 10 designated pathways known as zones. These 10 reflexology zones are mirrored on the bottom of the feet. The right foot works all organs on the right side of the body; and so it goes for the left. Even the inside curve of the foot corresponds to the natural curves in the spine.

Reflexology is not a miracle cure, but many long term and extremely chronic physical problems respond well to treatment over a period of a few weeks. Acute problems, especially of the musculature and skeletal system, are often instant.

It is advised that sessions be carried out with an approximate 3 days interval. This allows the body to go through the "healing process" or detox following the treatment. It is suggested that when an improvement is noted and if appropriate, foot reflexology sessions can be carried out on a daily basis for an acute condition and once a week for a chronic or long term condition.


Who can I perform reflexology on?
Reflexology may be done on anyone. For newborns, children, elderly or anyone seriously ill, it is crucial to reduce the pressure and the length of the treatment. For people with missing limbs or feet, we can work on the hand on the same side of the body.
Are they any side effects to foot reflexology?
There are no side effects. As with all types of reflexology, whether it is feet, hands or ears, the client often becomes very drowsy after a treatment. This is excellent sign and indicates the client may have moved into the "healing and repair" state; where the body is able to allow healing to happen.
Will the client feel an immediate effect of the treatment?
YES. Most clients report a sense of deep relaxation after a foot reflexology session. However, while there will be immediate internal effects, the existing symptoms may not subside right away.
Can reflexology ever harm to a person?
NO. Reflexology of all types offers release of tension, relaxation and promotes homeostasis in the whole body. It is safe to use on everybody.

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